Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harry's Coffee Shop!!!

You know what I love about San Diego, the number of places you can have a great breakfast at!  My favorite yet has been Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla.  They have been serving hungry people since 1960, so they must have something right!  I love the portions, not to much, and definantly not to little.  I also enjoy the atmosphere.  You can either eat inside and enjoy the vintage charm or outside in the patio and feel the cool ocean breeze.  The employees have worked there for years and I believe this is one of there successes.  They are super friendly and very attentive.  You run into all types of people here from the older generation, to young high school students.  I actually ran into JR Seau here once (very friendly).  One of the Harry's is usually there (father or son), secret to there success as well.  I have never left unhappy from this place.  That is why this is number 1 in my book!

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